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isiZulu / English
1h 42 min
Action Drama


Johannesburg 2022, one of the biggest crime capitals in Africa, is overrun by lawlessness and corruption. A retired hitman, Frank, has chosen to disappear and start his life all over again as a private taxi driver. Although he has one rule, ‘Never get involved,’ deep down he is seeking redemption. He is haunted by his past, cut off from the Inkabi traditions that once were a big part of who he was.

Frank befriends a young woman, Lucy who works in a shady downtown casino. Determined to shake off her sketchy past of drugs and high-class prostitution, she works multiple shifts to survive and provide for her daughter, Angela. However, she is charged with negligence and the court takes custody of Angela.  Heartbroken, Lucy hooks up with a wealthy client named Saul, unaware that there is a price on his head. Before sunrise, Lucy witnesses the cold-blooded execution of Saul by the Inkabi.  Lucy turns to Frank who manages to rescue her, but in so doing, he is recognised by the Inkabi, who thought he was long dead.

The Hitman tracks down Lucy to her home.  She again reaches out to Frank, but this time he is unwilling to get involved because of a vow he took after his Inkabi brothers attacked and turned against him. Frank convinces Lucy to seek help from the police investigating Saul’s alleged suicide. The detective heading up the investigation is corrupt and working with the Governor, who orchestrated the hit in the first place. Frank realises that he has no choice but to face his Inkabi brothers to protect Lucy for Angela’s sake.

The Inkabi kidnap Angela. While Frank and Lucy attempt to rescue Angela, the corrupt detectives capture Lucy and are ordered to execute her, since she witnessed the execution. When the Governor learns of Frank’s reappearance, he orders the detectives to bring Lucy to him. Meanwhile, Frank escapes with Angela. 

Determined to rescue Lucy, Franks must face the Inkabi brotherhood to defeat the Governor, one of the deadliest killers turned terrorists.