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Kampterrein Release Date: 24 March, 2017



Holiday mayhem is the order of the day in this contemporary South African family comedy. The Fouchés, an Afrikaans family, arrive at the ATKV Buffelspoort resort for the holidays, only to find that their regular caravan spot has been taken over by the Khumalos. Much hilarity ensues as the two families engage in madcap tit-for-tat exchanges and shenanigans. Meanwhile, the Buffelspoort manager Oom Gert and his dopey assistant are doing everything they can to prepare the resort for a surprise visit by an inspector from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa who will determine whether to award the venue an additional star, or not. It’s Gert’s lifelong dream to achieve the accolade, and this is his last chance before he retires. Nothing goes according to plan and mayhem ensues. Questions start to arise about the interest in a beauty salon that offers far more than manis and pedis. There’s an old lady on holiday with her dog which she struggles to hide as no pets are allowed, a handyman who can’t fix a thing, and a couple of local celebrities who think they can get away with not being recognised – all set against the backdrop of the beautiful and peaceful natural environment of the resort. The tranquillity is most profoundly disturbed by the ongoing clashes between the Fouchés and the Khumalos. Will they be able to set aside their cultural differences and actually enjoy their escape from the rigours of city life?