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90 min
Action, Drama


Robert (Mafashion)’s life is marred by rejection.  At age 13, he escaped an abusive uncle, where he had 

been living, only to be rejected by his father who throws a little money at him and tells him to be off.

Abandoned by the adults who should care for him, the pre-teen takes to the streets and is embraced by 

the vagrants.  They teach Mafashion the ways of the streets. He is a fast learner and guided by ‘General’, 

soon learns to handle guns and swindle money.

Mafashion is streetwise and savvy earning the respect of his peers. The once-innocent boy is now 

corrupted and his hunger for acquiring and selling guns consumes him.

His brooding resentment leads Mafashion to finally face up to the monster who rejected him: his own 

father. With a gun pointed at his father’s head, he demands answers as to why his father rejected him.  

When his father is not forthcoming, Mafashion shoots him several times, leaving him writhing in a pool of blood.  He tosses a R20 note at his father, telling him to find his own way to the hospital.  

Then, luck shines on Mafashion and he meets a beautiful young girl, and he is smitten.  He charms her and gives her the pet-name of Margarine.  For her part, she is star-struck and falls for him immediately.

When Mafashion attempts to rob the teacher of her gun, he triggers a chain of events that threaten both his life and Margarine’s love for him.

Margarine is devastated to learn of Mafashion’s involvement in the attempted robbery and demands that he turns himself in to the police. Instead, he threatens to harm Margarine and her family. While she now knows that her Prince Charming is a scoundrel, she has learned that she is pregnant with his child. True to form, Mafashion denies fathering the baby.

After violently kicking Margarine and his baby out of his shack, Mafashion comes to a stark realisation that he has become a replica of the father he so detests. 

Things quickly unravel for Mafashion – the police are hot at his heels and a mob of students are baying for his blood.  For the first time, he finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun.