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1h 52 min
Psychological Thriller Drama


As a young man, Marius remains traumatised by the childhood death of his mother and the life of isolation he endured after her death.  Despite his psychological scars, Marius is determined to be better than his abusive father, who abandoned his family after fathering a child in an affair.  Marius is lucky to have the love and support of his devoted partner, Thembi.  She is in love with him, or maybe in the idea of him, seeing only the man he could be if he let go of his hurt and pain.

But when his father dies, Marius is thrown back into the trauma of his past, haunted by relentless visions of his late mother.  Time slips away from him as he loses control of a construction project that would have honoured his mother’s memory.  As he tries to hold on to his sanity, he spirals into despair, pushing Thembi away as their relationship flounders.  Marius becomes a shadow of his former self, unable to make sense of the world around him, jumping from one moment to the next without control.  He does not know that he is being preyed upon by Na’amah, an ancient demon who preys on men’s souls through seduction, this time in the form of a beautiful woman named Eva.

She sees into the past of Marius, a boy raised in an unhappy home where his father Pieter ruled.  Pieter was unfaithful and abusive to Marius’s mother Ruth, who lives with a mental illness.  Having impregnated a woman much younger than him, Peter is about to leave when Ruth threatens to keep Marius from him and commit suicide if he walks out. He attacks her, forever destroying his relationship with young Marius, who then watches his mother break down.  Her pain and distress are too much for her and she takes her life.  And Marius, just a young boy, discovers her lifeless body by the ocean.

Eva knows what she needs to trap Marius – the false promise of intimacy.  Eva will present herself as a damsel in distress, then as a sympathetic friend, before finally seducing him in his hour of need, when he is at his most vulnerable after Thembi finally walks out on him.  But this supernatural trip may turn fatal for Thembi, who unwittingly walks back into his life to try and fix their relationship.