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1h 24 min
Comedy Drama Action


Sassy sisters, LERATO and MALEBO are trying to crack it in the real estate business in Pretoria. When serial entrepreneur Lerato isn’t trying to sell rundown flats in Sunnyside, she’s pushing hair bundles and weight loss tea from the boot of her hand-me-down car. But this is not her. She wants to be a real estate mogul! Malebo who leases back-rooms in Mamelodi wants to call it quits with this real estate thing. She’d rather settle down with her long-term baby daddy BOIKIE.

Until… Lerato meets the handsome, rich and enigmatic Stone who quickly charms the skirt right off her. When he hears Lerato’s story, he gives her an opportunity of a lifetime – to sell his Waterkloof Ridge home, at a generous commission.

Lerato ropes Malebo in, the sisters put everything into selling the elite property, the first of what they hope will be many. With the money from this sale, Lerato will finally launch her own real estate firm and Malebo will afford her dream wedding.

They set up their first open house viewing and while giving a tour of the house, the sisters discover a dead body in the cellar.

In this hilarious action-packed film, follow the journey of these feisty real estate agents as they navigate high-stakes deals and an exhilarating criminal investigation, as they must crack the case, clear their names, and make the sale of a lifetime. Get ready for a heart-pounding mix of chaos, suspense and humor.