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Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice Release Date: 27 July, 2018

Also in isiZULU and Afrikaans
Animation Adventure


The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice is the sequel to The Snow Queen and The Snow Queen 2. Kai and Gerda, have a knack for getting into all kinds of trouble. What else can you expect from children raised by trolls in snowy lands? But now they are grown up, and this time they about to cause a global disaster…

After defeating the Snow Queen, who had almost frozen the entire world, Kai and Gerda became famous. However, that didn’t help them find their parents who had been abducted by the North Wind. To get by on their own, the two perform at schools and kindergartens. Popularity and wealth don’t always go together, and they hardly make ends meet. Gerda has accepted her life, but Kai can’t stand it. After another performance, where they are almost picked apart by the children who want bits of them as souvenirs, they decide to change their lives – to move to a place where no-one knows them and start from scratch. They even consider changing their names. Their journey starts with a visit to their friend – the troll named Orm.

As it runs out, it’s not that easy to escape one’s fame. Orm’s guest Rollan, a Spanish boy who is obsessed with legends and fairy tales, recounts his favourite tale to them – the story of Kai and Gerda who defeated the Snow Queen, which includes much trollish colour and embellishment. The story is so different form the truth, that Gerda can’t help but tell Rollan who they really are.

This results in an argument between her and Kai. They had decided to forget the past and start a new life, he says, and Gerda has not managed even a single day. In the heat of the discussion, they say many horrid things to one-another, and they decide to part ways.

Kai sets off with Alfida, daughter of the Pirate Boss Lady, while Rollan tells Gerda the legend of the Rock which fulfils wishes, and they set off for the forbidden troll caves. But on reaching their destination, Gerda and Rollan learn that the stone is composed of Fire and Ice. By releasing these forces, they will set off a global catastrophe.