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Sons of the Sea



In a working-class fishing village on the outskirts of Cape Town, an orphaned Gabriel and his older brother Mikhail have always found solace in each other and in the sea.

While working at a local hotel, Gabriel discovers a dead body and two bags of valuable, endangered abalone. The abalone – loved by locals, poached by divers, a sought-after commodity on the black market – is a treasure-trove. Mikhail, always domineering, convinces Gabriel to steal it; that to sell it would mean a new life for them both. In the center of Cape Town, Peterson, a struggling official from the Department of Agriculture catches news of the find. Driven by a need to save his own family from emotional and financial ruin, he sets out in pursuit of the boys and their loot. The brothers are forced to flee their village, crossing the mountains of the fabled Cape of Good Hope in a fight for their own survival.

SONS OF THE SEA follows three men trapped in the poison of the past, fighting to survive a dangerous present and struggling to imagine a different future. It’s a story about needing to escape, the promise and bondage of brotherhood, and an endless struggle for land and belonging.