As jy sing In Cinemas: 15 November 2013 Directed by: Hanneke Schutte

Stars: Louw Venter, Terence Bridgett, Gys de Villiers

Music by: James Stewart, Peach van Pletzen, Barry van Zyl

Written by: Hanneke Schutte

Produced by: Zaheer Bhyat, Frederich Fiela Jonck, Anneke Villet
As Jy Sing Movie Poster


1h53min | Comedy, Drama, Family | IMDB 7/10 | PG

“As Jy Sing” is an exciting new Afrikaans film featuring some of the biggest names and biggest songs in Afrikaans music. The film stars Bobby van Jaarsveld, Bok van Blerk, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Robbie Wessels, Hanna Grobler, and up-and-coming young stars like Leani Ekermans, Franja du Plessis and Georic Lomas.

A conventional music teacher (Bobby van Jaarsveld) lives for his singing group, the ‘Bekfluitjies’ who are outcasts at their sport-mad school. Circumstances force the group to fight for what they believe in because when they sing, they find meaning in life.

National Release date: 15 November 2013