Blessers In Cinemas: 25 October 2019 Directed by: Rea Rangaka

Stars: Kenneth Nkosi, Sonia Mbele, Connie Chume, Tbo Touch, Six Nyamane, Nay Maps, Khathutshelo Ramabulana

Written by: Tbo Touch, Sasa Nqabeni, Kumaran Naidu

Executive Producer: Tbo Touch
Blessers - Movie Poster


Comedy | 16

Jacob Mofokeng (Kenneth Nkosi) is a middle-aged businessman who has become accustomed to his routine, a life which includes his wife, Michelle (Sonia Mbele), his daughter, Natasha (Six Nyamane), his work and his fun. As a powerful CEO, with a big house, a successful spouse, a family and expensive recreational habits, Jacob feels like life will always be this easy.