Broken Promises 4ever In Cinemas: 27 July 2018 Directed by: Kumaran Naidu

Stars: Theshen Naicker, Kogie Naidoo, Rani Pillay

Music by: Mangray Music

Written by: Kumaran Naidu

Produced by: Yuriy Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolaev
Broken Promises 4ever Movie Poster


1h 56min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

In the fourth instalment of ‘Broken Promises’, which follows the antics of the Padayachee family, Amsugi’s (Kogie Naidoo) grandson, Mandoza (Theshen Naicker), is desperate to get married. But he is afraid of making the mistakes his father Reuben (Neel Pillay) made when he met Mandoza’s mother. However, Mandoza is rejected by Skye (Kajol Sewgobind), his girlfriend, as she feels that he needs to ask her father, Kallan (Kumaran Naidu), for permission. Skye is also concerned that they are rushing into things as she has not yet met Mandoza’s family.

A trip to Durban takes place, with everybody excited to receive Mandoza. Unfortunately for him, all his plans to make a good impression on Kallan go down the drain. On top of that, Kallan is not happy about Skye being involved with a non-Christian. Amsugi starts her antics again, just as she once did with Natasha, Mandoza’s mother; she not only tells Skye that they need to start preparing for the couple’s wedding, but she also tells her exactly how she should be doing so. Unfortunately for her, Amsugi does not realise that the headstrong Skye is not one to be trifled with.