Fannie Fourie's Lobola In Cinemas: 01 March 2013 Directed by: Henk Pretorius

Stars: Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Zethu Dlomo, Jerry Mofokeng

Music by: Adam Schiff

Screenplay by: Henk Pretorius, Janine Eser

Fanie Fouries Lobola Movie Poster


1h37m | Comedy, Romance | IMDB 6.7/10

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola is a South African romantic comedy about an Afrikaans guy and a Zulu girl who fall in love and have to navigate their way through the complicated process of lobola – the traditional Zulu bride price. Filled with humorous but hard-hitting social commentary, the film is a contemporary fairytale about love and tradition in a rapidly evolving society.

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola was inspired by the book of the same name, written by Nape à Motana. A Sepedi, he writes the book from an Afrikaner’s perspective, and deals with the subject of inter-racial relationships with humour and candour.