Jakhaldans In Cinemas: 19 November 2010 Directed by: Darrell Rood

Stars: Theuns Jordaan, Elizma Theron, Janke Bruwer

Music by: Anton L'Amour

Written by: Deon Meyer
Jakhalsdans Movie Poster


1h36m | Drama | IMDB 6/10

Mara Malan, a teacher spends the last of her savings on a house in Loxton, a small Northern Karoo town. Loxton seems to be the perfect place for her to raise her 5 year old daughter, Mia, in a safe and friendly country environment. However, she soon discovers that her plans for a new life are jeopardy because the primary school in Loxton where she is employed is about to be closed down by the education authorities. The only hope of saving the school is to raise a massive five hundred thousand rand within three weeks.

Mara has everything to lose if the school cannot be saved and she is determined that that will not happen. When local musician, Dawid le Fleur, suggests that the money could be raised by holding a music concert in Loxton, Mara is immediately inspired. She sets about getting the country’s top artists to support her cause and perform in the tiny town.

What Mara does not know is that her reclusive neighbour is actually the famous singer- composer Ruan Landman. He moved to Loxton to get away from the pressures of fame and those who seek only to enrich themselves through him. His reclusive nature seems odd to little Mia and she constantly tries to engage him in conversation. This irritates Landman and he sends a letter to Mara urging her to instil some manners in her daughter. His letter enrages Mara, who takes an instant dislike to him.