Losing Lerato In Cinemas: 30 August 2019 Directed by: Sanele Zulu

Stars: Kagiso Modupe, Tshimillo Modupe,
Samela Tyelbooi, Thato Molamu, Nolo Phiri, Mapaseka Koetle, Ayanda Borotho, Zandile Msutwana

Written by: Ricardo Arendse, Kagiso Modupe

Produced by: Kagiso Modupe
Losing Lerato Movie Poster


1h37m | Drama, Thriller | 13 LV

Thami has recently lost his job at a top firm following accusations of fraudulent activities. This is the last straw for his wife Noluthando who, fearing a drop in her standard of living, abandons her marriage, taking their daughter Lerato with her.

Thami is desperate to maintain a relationship with his daughter, while Noluthando does everything in her power to ensure that Thami is denied access to Lerato.

After exhausting all known avenues, and desperate to be reunited with his daughter, Thami kidnaps Lerato from school, intending to flee Johannesburg for Kimberley by bus. This is an ill-conceived move which angers Noluthando and puts him on a collision course with the law.

Thami’s actions put his life, that of Lerato and their fellow passengers in danger and leads to a high-stakes hostage situation on the bus.

Then a shot rings out…