Thando - Slider POU Coming Soon Directed by: Jaco Minnaar

Starring: Tarryn Wyngaard, Johan Botha, Alida Theron
Ruan Wessels, Liza Van Deventer, Nicola Hanekom

Produced by: Catharina Weinek, Dumi Gumbi,
David Cornwell, Jaco Minnaar
POU - Movie Poster


1h30min | Drama | FPB – 13 HLSV

POU (PEACOCK) is a South African gothic horror following the journey of a young woman into the dark recesses of the Afrikaner psyche and its compromised past.

ANNA POHL (Tarryn Wyngaard) has grown up in an institutionalised space: a puritanical, Calvinist organisation known simply as The Foundation. Their mission is to provide a place of ‘righteous innocence’ for young women – to allow them to develop away from the ‘corruptions’ of the outside world.  When Anna transgresses The Foundation’s strict moral standards, she is sent away to care for one of its founding members, SAREL CILLIERS (Johan Botha), an Apartheid-era theologian now ailing on his isolated farm.