The Diary of an Elephant Orphan Will Khanyisa - an 3-month old orphaned elephant calf caught in a wire snare get a new family and by doing so prove Adine Roode's belief that the Jabulani-elephant herd can change the face of elephant rehabilitation in South Africa? Latest Movie distributions The Diary of an Elephant Orphan More COMING SOON POU Homepage POU (PEACOCK) is a South African gothic horror following the journey of a young woman into the dark recesses of the Afrikaner psyche and its compromised past. Latest Movie distributions POU More COMING SOON Kedibone - Homepage Kedibone is a poor, beautiful girl from the township and an aspiring actress. Her devoted boyfriend has put himself in debt to pay for her tertiary education. But while she is studying in Johannesburg, she starts to attract attention from rich hunks, celebrities and businessmen who promise her the affluent life she has always desired. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, surely? Can Kedibone live a double life and enjoy the best of both worlds? Latest Movie distributions Kedibone More Tug of War In this adaptation of Adam Shafi’s award-winning Swahili novel, set in 1950s Zanzibar, a romance is buffeted by the harsh waves of British rule and the local militant struggle for liberation. Latest Movie distributions Tug of War More COMING SOON New Material Homepage Cassim Caif (Riaad Moosa) is a young Muslim man living in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. He is balancing the demands of a new marriage, a young child, and living in a house with his aging parents, with being one of South Africa’s few Muslim stand-up comedians. His father Ebrahim (Vincent Ibrahim) has reluctantly accepted his son’s chosen career for now, but it is still a simmering issue. Latest Movie distributions New Material More IN CINEMAS 26 NOVEMBER Dineo is the definition of serial monogamist. She dates to fall in love; she falls in love to get married. But she never gets married. She always ends up being dumped. When she meets Lunga Sibiya, he seems to be the man she’s waited her whole life for, a man who shares her values when it comes to love and relationships. Or so she thinks…

Until she accidentally finds out that the man she was busy planning her forever with, had been planning his forever with someone else. After a messy breakup with Lunga, her commitment-phobic bestie, Noni, helps Dineo face what she dreads most: life as a single woman.
Latest Movie distributions Seriously Single
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Amongst the pythonic mountains of landlocked Lesotho, an 80-year-old widow winds up her earthly affairs make arrangements for her burial and prepares to die. But when her village is threatened with forced resettlement due to the construction of a reservoir, she finds a new will to live and ignites a collective spirit of defiance within her community. In the final dramatic moments of her life, Mantoa’s legend is forged and made eternal. Latest Movie distributions This is not a Burial, It's a Resurrection More COMING SOON An aging matriarch aims to bring together her fractured, dysfunctional family over Eid-al-Fitr to break the news about her new romance. Latest Movie distributions Barakat More Coming Soon