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Best Birthday Ever

Adventure, Animation


It‘s Little Charlie‘s birthday.  

He is accustomed to having his parents’ undivided attention, however, that changes when his baby sister, Clara, is born.  He must play second fiddle, go without his usual bedtime stories and learn to be a good big brother to her. 

Little Charlie tries to ignore his sister as far as possible, after all, today is his day and his parents have promised him a picnic by the lake, something he is very excited about.  His excitement turns to sorrow when Clara falls ill, and Mummy and Daddy must take her to the doctor.  Little Charlie is so disappointed. Like a house of cards, his happy little world collapses and he crawls into the garden to cry.

Sad and lonely, he decides to go to his Grandma‘s house because she is always a great comfort to him.  He gathers up his stuffed animals and sets off to her house.  Unfortunately, he takes a wrong turn and ends up in the forest – a place of hidden dangers for rabbits. 

It’s not long before Little Charlie gets into difficulties. The cart he is pulling gets stuck in a small forest lake. Monica, Little Charlie’s neighbour and friend, together with her dog Bello, has followed Charlie into the forest and comes to his rescue. The trio head off in search of further adventures.

Along the way, they meet the twins, Freddie and William, who’ve also dared to venture into the forest to look for berries for Little Charlie‘s birthday.

Things get dangerous when, during a heavy thunderstorm, the rabbit children get stuck in a deep burrow and come face to face with a big bad fox.

Back home, Little Charlie’s parents cannot find him and are very worried. Grandma also realises that something is amiss when Monica’s dog Bello suddenly appears at her door without Monica. Grandma takes care of little Clara while Bello leads the adults into the forest. There, they find a tin of Little Charlie’s favourite sweets and his lost binoculars. Mummy and Daddy Nicholl and Monica’s mum fear the worst!

Meanwhile, Little Charlie and his friends have managed to outwit the wicked fox and have joined forces with the other forest animals to teach him a lesson he won’t forget. 

The rabbit children emerge from the forest close to Grandma’s house where they head straight for the carrot patch to eat their fill. When they arrive, there’s a surprise waiting for Little Charlie, his little sister Clara has also crawled into the patch, and the siblings are reconciled.  Chicken also appears so Cookie is ecstatic. The adults are happy that all the children are safe and sound. 

Most importantly, through this adventure, Little Charlie learned valuable lessons and realised his responsibility as a friend and older brother. Now it’s time to celebrate Little Charlie’s birthday in style, with all his friends!  It‘s Charlie‘s best birthday ever!