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Mr Johnson

Drama Comedy


David Johnson awakes from a 50-year coma at the age of 76. While he has a hard time accepting his old body and the fact that he has lost more than half of his life, he quickly makes up for lost time.

As David slowly steps into this strange new world, his youthful exuberance is undimmed and, with a little prodding, he tackles life with the energy of a man half his age, revelling in the trappings at his disposal. David lives large, enjoying every moment and indulging his every whim. However, he lacks any real connection to the people around him and becomes increasingly lonely and isolated.

His spirits lift when he recalls his college sweetheart, Helena McCarthy, and, with the help of a kindly internet café assistant, he tracks her down. Despite the passing of the years, David and Helena have an instant connection. Unencumbered by the lusts and bashfulness of youth, they find love, companionship and happiness. When tragedy strikes, David finds himself alone in the world, once more, but finds an unlikely champion in the form a young woman who takes him under her wing, offering him a new lease on life.