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Skemerson Release Date: 3 May, 2019



A young man, battling a mental illness, decides to take his own life. Then he meets two strangers on a bridge…

Inspired by true events.

A young man decides to take his own life. On his way to the Bloukrans bridge, he spends one last night at the family holiday home.

He stands on the bridge, about to meet his fate, when he hears her laugh.

This is the beginning of a weekend that changes three lives forever. A young woman (Anneke Weidemann), her frail mother (Elize Cawood) and the young man (Pietie Beyers) meet serendipitously. A film that speaks a universal language of truth. SKEMERSON (SUN CRY MOON) is one of the warmest, most honest films you’ll see this year.