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isiZulu / English
1h 33 min
Action Comedy


When life gets down… Get high.

Mo is a small-time weed dealer yearning to get out of the drug business and start a better life for himself, by following his passion – selling organic foods. Unfortunately, Mo is constantly harassed by Thabo, a corrupt cop who extorts him for money in exchange for not busting him for selling pot.

When Dill and Pickle, two stoner friends of Mo’s decide on a whim to kidnap Thandi, a local gangster’s daughter, hoping her dad will pay a tidy ransom for her, they decide to stash her at Mo’s house. From there things spiral out of control as Mo is reluctantly pulled into his friends’ dim-witted scheme and forced to watch over this feisty young woman, who will do whatever it takes to escape!

But as Thandi and Mo get to know each other, they both learn that there might be more to each other than they realise, and it isn’t long before true feelings start revealing them-selves…

In a thrilling climax, truths are exposed, guns are drawn and the mad dash for cash take hold as this quirky mix of characters come to a head. Filmed through a hyper-stylised lens crackling with an energy not usually seen in South African film, Soweto Blaze is an African fever dream of weirdos, weapons, and weed… so much weed…

He’s getting’ high with a little help from his friends.