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Bangarang Release Date: 2 April, 2021

88 min
Drama Political


Inspired by True Events.

Otile, a poor ‘bodaboda’ rider is jobless ten years down the line after graduating with second-class honors degree in automotive engineering.

When election violence erupts after the disputed Kenyan presidential elections, Otile leads other rioters in the streets of Kisumu. To him this is the only opportunity he can vent his anger to the government’s bad leadership, which he holds responsible for his joblessness.

On one fateful day as he runs for his dear life from the anti-riot police, he finds himself inside Dan’s house. The police trace him and beat everyone in the house including Dan’s six months old child, Baby Joy.

And now Otile run into exile from the fear of being falsely implicated by the police for Baby Joys death.

Who killed Baby Joy?