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Courting Anathi

1h 17 min
Romantic Drama


Courting Anathi is a contemporary tale of a woman who wants to have it all – an amazing career, being a great mom and having a love that lasts a lifetime. But her plans were derailed early in life when she got knocked-up by her boyfriend.

Never one to give up on her dreams, she still pursued her law degree and eventually found herself as an articled clerk at one of Joburg’s most prestigious law firms. But life isn’t always sunshine and roses; her misogynistic boss Bruce harasses her and eventually fires her.

Determined to have the life of which she dreams, Anathi teams up with up-and-coming businessman, Frank to pitch for a big deal that could change both their lives. She, however, does this under the guise of being a qualified attorney. Things become increasingly complicated as she falls in love with Frank, making it impossible to tell the truth.

Frank falls for her and her son too, but if the truth comes out, Anathi could lose her career, her love, and her future. Courting Anathi is a heart-warming and deeply emotional romantic comedy. It is hilarious, warm, poignant, tear-jerking but, most importantly, inspiring, and meaningful.