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Ntash Release Date: 16 July, 2024



Orphaned at a young age, two sisters, Zikhonaand Aphiweare forced to do everything best they can in order to survive. It’s the world against them.

With each other as the only family they have left, the two learn the ropes to maneuver the drug trade business, and it’s not long before they are running a secret crack house from their inheritance home.

Aphiwe, as the youngest, is the face of the drug business, while Zikhonais arguably the muscle. Furthermore, Zikhonasells her body sexually in exchange for money.

Business is booming for the two sisters in their hood. Customers flocking from all corners, whether for drugs or body, it’s never a dry season; from drug heads to police, to people looking to get a quick fix and wash away thoughts of their never-ending problems, and those looking to experiment. 

All it takes is a secret knock on the front door and you’ll get the product or service of your choice.

Just next door is Mavis, a gossipmonger who never lets anything slip past her, and with every three hours that goes by the hood drug head Siphoknocks on their door offering his services to do anything in exchange for a quick fix.

All in a day’s adventure, the sisters get a secret knock, not from a returning customer, but an entirely new one. A rich young man, friends with Aphiwe, looking to party and squander his daddy’s money. Impressed by his energy, Zikhonaquickly welcomes him and offers him their best product. The young man overdoses and drops to the floor unconscious with a stream of blood from his nose.

Convinced he is dead and scared out of their pants, Zikhonaand Aphiwetry to get rid of the body, but each attempt ends in vain. With all hope lost, Siphocomes to the rescue, only to realize that the solution to their newly found problem is a bucket of water.