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Trading Places

90 mins
Drama, Romantic Comedy


After 5 years together, thirtysomething couple Zenokuhle Mthembu, a psychologist and her partner, music video producer Mdu Skhosana, have hit a rough patch. They’re living past one another, and all the little irritations have started to strain the relationship to the point where the once perfect match is in tatters.

Their quirky friend, Azize, pays a visit to tell them of her latest travel adventures and gifts them a small statuette she bought in Nigeria. According to her, the object is meant to foster empathy and understanding – something Mdu and Zeno seem in dire need of. However, the statuette simply causes more discord as the two get into an argument about where to display it. As they tear into one another, Zeno says she has no intention of marrying Mdu and that she wants out of the relationship. Perhaps this is the clarity they needed. Determined to go their separate ways in the morning, the couple goes to bed fuming.

When they awake the following morning, incredibly, they have switched bodies. Once the initial horror and confusion of their situation subsides, they must tackle the real-world problem of going about their daily lives. This leads to much hilarity and craziness as each is forced to navigate the other’s world.

While desperately searching for ways to break the spell of the statuette, Zeno and Mdu nevertheless learn what it is like to walk in the other’s shoes, not to mention the challenges that their respective genders are forced to deal with. This experience gives each a better understanding and appreciation of the other. But is this enough to get their relationship back on track?