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Six In The City

1h 30 min


Paul lives a charmed life. He’s handsome, charming, a successful businessman, wealthy and popular. Life is good and his engagement to slay queen, Lesedi, is just the cherry on top. However, while he is away on business, and totally without warning, Lesedi dumps him and makes off with her engagement ring and all the designer furnishings in his house. Paul is totally blindsided, and he quickly spirals into a deep depression. Unable to deal with Lesedi’s rejection and betrayal, he withdraws from the world, a shattered man.

When word of Paul’s plight reaches his close friends, Gigi, Steve, Ryan, Kagiso and Brian, they immediately make plans to travel from Johannesburg to be with him in Cape Town. However, they embark on this journey with their own emotional baggage dating back to when they graduated and parted ways to start their respective careers. From power trips to low-key jealousy, the friends are tested by various incidents during the trip, making each question the nature of their friendship.